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The Amethyst Garden has a large variety of gift items as well as beautiful one of a kind geodes.  Large statuary pieces can enhance a room as "jewelry for your home". 

Large Statuary
 flat specimen  inside crystal Amethyst large  red stone 

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Small unique geodes can serve a dual purpose as conversational pieces and paper weights.

Smaller Geodes 
 Crystal cone Small amethyst Small Geode Small Amethyst Geode

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 We have a large assortment of crystals embellished with pewter in our "Dinosaurs, Dragons and Wizards" line. 

Dinosaurs, Dragons and Wizards 
Pewter and Crystal Dinosaur Crystal and Pewter Dinosaur Crystal and Pewter Wizard Crystal and Pewter Dragon

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Our night lights offer a soft backdrop enhanced by an array of spectacular translucent color.

Night Lights 
Brown and White Night Light Red Night Light Amber with Dragon Night Light Brown and White Dragon Night Light

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Inside our jewel boxes is an unexpected surprise of glitter and color.

Jewel Boxes 
 Jewelbox with blue Jewelbox with Brown Jewelbox with Orange Druzy Crystals Jewelbox with cone shape

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Polished spheres with variegated color have small openings to reveal a sparkling interior.

Polished Globes 
 Amethyst globe Purple Globe Black Globe Ringed Globe

Check out these External Links for Facts, History and Folklore on the Amethyst gem.

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