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Since all of Dana's designs are handmade, some of the items below may have been sold. If this is the case, we will do what we can to find an item similar to the one shown and will send a picture of the item to you for approval. Choose the gift, the color of stones and the style of wire wrapping you want. Make your gift uniquely you!

White wine with dangles water/tea glasses

White Wine $8 each

Daquari $8 each Water/Tea $8 each
Red Wine Grape Mug Designs Winter Glasses
Hand Painted Red Wine Glasses $10 each Mugs $9 each Winter Wine $8 each
White Wine Cosmopolitan Glasses Beer Flutes
Red Wine $8 each Cosmopolitan $8 each Beer Flute $8 each
Martinii Mardi Gras Champagne Flute Champagne Love You
Martini Glasses $8 each Mardi Gras Design Champagne $10 each Champagne $10 each
White wine teardrop Tea/Water Glasses Amethyst Pitcher with Water Glasses
White Wine Teardrop $8 each Tea/Water Glass $10 each

Amethyst Pitcher $20 with Glasses $8 each

Fiesta Pitcher Fiesta Glasses Acrylic Margarita Glass Acrylic
Fiesta Acrylic Pitcher $25 Fiesta Acrylic Glasses with Stirrers $10 each Margarita Glass Acrylic $8
HiBall Glasses Martini/Como Glasses Mugs - Beaded
Hi-Ball Glasses $8 each Martini/Cosmopolitan Glasses $10 each Mugs - Beaded (set of 4) $24
Home Stemware Platters Glassware Festivals

Our price does not include shipping and handling.