As with all custom websites, fees are dependent on your needs. Below are a few of the charges you could expect.

Outside Fees
To begin, you have to obtain a domain name and hosting service from a third party such as GoDaddy. A domain name will cost around $15 a year. Next you will need to have your site hosted at an approximate cost of anywhere from $60 - $100 a year. These amounts are usually reduced the more years you commit to the service.

Our Fees
Our fees are based on $25 per hour for basic web design which includes such items as the html coding, photo editing, php non-database related forms, addition of extra items such as a calendar, and html paypal code among other items.

Typically, a 2-4 page website with 2 images per page with header and footer would be:
$100 for the first page and $25 for each page, thereafter, if the client supplies organized content including text and images.

What you can expect
Connect website with host service
Design and develop pages
Size images for placement-Additional fees for photography $25 per hour
Set up menu and links

Additional Charges
Application Development which might include interactive content, database work, and catalogs is charged at $50 per hour.

We typically quote a "Not to exceed amount" meaning that if it costs us more we will stand by our quoted price. Change orders and prices must be agreed to by both parties.

All these prices are subject to change prior to agreement of contract.

Design and Data, Hot Springs, AR
Leon Hess
Dana Hess